Vliegbasis Woensdrecht

Woensdrecht Air Base is the Main Support Base of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. There are 2 components located at the airbase. They provide training, meteorological support, logistics and maintenance for the entire Air Force and Defence. Besides the training aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, other airbases and civilian co-users use the airbase for training and maintenance. The 2 Defence components at Woensdrecht are: the Royal Netherlands Air Force School Woensdrecht Air Base and the Woensdrecht Logistics Centre. The so-called Air Base Organisation supports these components and keeps the air base operational. 

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EDI en omgekeerde osmose installatie voor ultrapuur water
Waterbehandelingsinstallatie bij een klant van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling
Waterbuffertank voor het opslaan van behandeld water

Scope of the project

Grünbeck has been entrusted with the supply and installation of a RO water treatment plant for the reprocessing of drinking alkaline and acid rinse water. This installation is for the engine workshop at Woensdrecht airbase. As there are substances in the rinse water that are not allowed to reach the membranes, an absorption and active carbon filter has been installed to capture tensides, for example. Dosing units with an acidic, basic and anti-scalant solution have been installed to neutralise the pH and prevent (lime) deposits in the RO. In addition, an automatic sprinkler control was placed to prevent too high a value in the RO and to stay under the maximum value of <20μS/cm as permeate.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x GENO-RKF RO plant, each 5m3/h, with Siemens S7;
  • 1x absorption filter 40″;
  • 1x activated carbon filter 40″;
  • 3x dosing units (NaOH, HcL and Anti-scalant;
  • 2x Buffer tank K-X 2000, each with a capacity of 2m3;
  • 1x booster tank GENO-FU-X 4/40-1NE, 2-8.5m3/h-6.6-2.9 bar

Grünbeck's services

Delivery, installation of new system, engineering and software adjustment for all controls, mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning.

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