Boiler water treatment

Do you want to preserve the life of your boiler, pipes and fittings, save energy, increase maintenance and minimise failure costs? It is all possible with our boiler water treatment. 

What is boiler water treatment?

There are substances in (drinking) water that can cause problems in the boiler. The two most common problems are limescale deposits and corrosion. Both can cause failure and shorten the life of your heat exchanger, pipes and fittings. Do you want to prevent deposits, corrosion and other problems? Then softening, degassing, conditioning and/or desalting the boiler water is essential.

Ontijzeren van grondwater

What are the benefits of boiler water treatment?

Boiler water treatment from Grünbeck Water Treatment does more than optimise the lifespan of your boiler. You also save on energy and maintenance. This is because our water treatment not only softens the water – a minimum requirement – but also degasifies and desalinates it. By desalinating, we prevent a rapid concentration of salts in the boiler. The concentration of salts means that a lot of water has to be drained off. Draining the equipment off can cost a lot of energy. Less salt concentration means a reduction in the requirement to drain the equipment off, and therefore offers savings on your energy costs. To condition the water, Grünbeck offers a complete programme for chemical water treatment. This includes oxygen binders, corrosion inhibitors and limescale inhibitors.

Chemical water treatment programmes

Our chemical water treatment programmes are tailored to your installation and application. Grünbeck’s experts support the installation and dosage adjustment from start to finish. Regular on-site checks provide additional support and security.

Our water treatment, your solution

Each of our water treatment systems is unique and extensively tested before it leaves the production site. This means that it is fully adapted to the application in your organisation and guaranteed to work.


In this way, we help you to get the best out of your product, your process or your service. The only thing left to do after delivery is to connect the water supply and plug it in.

Wateronthardingsinstallatie voor het ontharden van grondwater voor de industrie

Our water treatment installations often start with an industrial water softener. Pipes, fittings and installations last much longer when using a water softener. Choose a Grünbeck system and you’ll also be saving water and resources thanks to its low energy and salt consumption.

Waterontijzeringsinstallatie voor het ontijzeren van grondwater voor de industrie
De-ironed water is better for the process, extends the life, and reduces malfunctions and defects in basically everything that this water is added to. Our deferrisation installations filter out not only iron, but also manganese and other undesirable odours and substances.

Omgekeerde osmose installatie voor gedemineraliseerd water voor de industrie

Thanks to its pure nature, demineralised water is ideal for the production of steam, boiler feed water, process water and central heating water. To demineralise water, we use reverse osmosis, or RO for short.

Waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor ultrapuur water (EDI)

Ultrapure water is created by further purifying or polishing water by means of EDI, also known as electro-deionisation. This sterile water is extremely suitable for high-pressure steam boilers and for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Waterontharden voor thuis
In addition to water treatment for industry, we also soften water for people at home. The softliQ is the water softener that thinks for you and automatically adjusts itself to your water consumption at home. The innovative technology, with refined, low-maintenance materials, is packaged in a stylish, sleek design.

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Questions about the suitability of water?

We are happy to help you realise the right water treatment with one of our high-quality installations. You can reach us at +31 541 820 903 or via our email address Our experts will be happy to make time for you to answer your questions and advise you.

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Other Grünbeck water treatment applications

Besides boiler water treatment, we also offer applications for cooling water treatment, process water treatment, rinse water treatment and hydrogen treatment. Each of our water treatment systems is unique and is extensively tested before leaving the production site. This means that it is fully adapted to your organisation’s application and guaranteed to work.

Waterbehandeling voor ketelwater van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling

In order to counteract the negative effects of corrosion, scaling and biofilm formation, it may be necessary to chemically modify the properties of the water in addition to the mechanical pre-treatment.

Waterbehandeling voor koelwater van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling

You want to be sure that your cooling water system functions properly during the production process. After all, this is the only way to achieve optimal production. Grünbeck offers tailor-made solutions for closed cooling systems and open cooling systems.

Waterbehandeling voor proceswater van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling

Each type of process water makes its own demands on the water and thus on the required water treatment. From de-ironing, softening, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) to electro-deionisation (EDI), UV disinfection and/or an adjusted dosage.

Medewerker van Grünbeck bij een grote waterbehandelingsinstallatie

Softening, de-ironing and demineralising are techniques we use to treat drinking water and/or well water. All three techniques remove undesirable substances from the water and make the water suitable for use as rinse water, either separately or in combination.

Medewerker van Grünbeck bezig met montage van een waterbehandelingsinstallatie

Ultrapure water is needed for the production of hydrogen. For the preparation of this ultrapure water, various high quality water treatment techniques are needed. We have all these techniques in our product range.

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