Softening Installation Delta-P

Why a softening installation?

Softening systems are used to reduce calcium and magnesium in the water. A softening installation ensures permanent soft water. The Grünbeck Delta-p softener sets new standards with its low salt consumption and extremely economical use of operating resources. This is achieved, among other things, by a patented control valve. The electronically controlled mixing sets the desired residual hardness.


Field Service Enigneer onderhoudt ontijzeringsinstallatie bij klant

A softening system works according to the ion exchange process. The exchange of calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions softens the water.

Softening installation

Applications Softening System

Softening installations from the Delta-p® series are intended for the (partial) softening of drinking and process water. As triple softening systems, they are suitable for the continuous supply of soft water.


The water to be softened must be free of iron and manganese (less than 0.2 mg iron resp. 0.05 mg manganese per litre). It’s allowed maximum temperature of 30°C. If the soft water is intended for human use within the meaning of the German Drinking Water Ordinance, the ambient temperature must not exceed 25 °C. For technical applications only, the ambient temperature do not exceed 40 °C.

The softening installations are used for (partial) softening of source, process, boiler feed, cooling and air conditioning water.

Softening installations from Grünbeck

The Delta-p® softener is available in sizes 1″, 1¼”, 1½” and 2″ in drinking water or industrial version. In addition to the standard brine tanks with a maximum regeneration salt capacity of 75 or 200 kg, larger brine tanks are also available.

Grünbeck also supplies other softening systems, see all systems below.


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The knowledge article about softening installations can also be read in Dutch.

Water softening installations

Wateronthardingsinstallatie voor het ontharden van grondwater voor de industrie

Delta-p softener

3 – 12 m3/hour

Omgekeerde osmose installatie voor gedemineraliseerd water

GENO-mat duo WE-X

3 – 16 m3/hour

Industriële wateronthardingsinstallatie voor de industrie

GENO-mat GVA single or double installation

20 – 50 m3/hour

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