Service, revision & maintenance

We provide service for our own equipment, but we also maintain installations from other suppliers. Installations simply have to work. Fact. This is one of the reasons why we are available 24/7 and know down to the last bolt how to keep it working or get it working properly.

Specification texts

Grünbeck has a database for every type of water treatment installation. This database contains specification texts that you, as an engineer, can use in a specification. Just copy/paste and you’re done.

Revision and maintenance of a water treatment installation

Revision for water treatment installations is necessary to prevent problems with your installation. Replacement, revision and optimisation of the installation prevents malfunctions or a possible failure of the installation. revision is a solution to get the installation running optimally again, for generally lower costs. Revision also ensures that the water treatment installation lasts longer.

Monteur onderhoudt ontijzeringsinstallatie bij klant

Why revision and maintenance of water treatment plants?

Malfunctions cause downtime. And downtime costs a lot of time and, therefore, money. It’s not convenient either. After all, employees want to get on with their work, customers want to be served, and processes have to continue. Fortunately, our technicians know exactly what to do to ensure your water treatment installation functions faultlessly. Day in, day out.

At Grünbeck, you get service down to the last litre. Any questions? Our specialists have the answer. Would you like advice? We’d be happy to arrange a visit to your premises. And if you are looking for a service partner for a water treatment installation that’s not from Grünbeck? No problem at all. Our knowledge extends well beyond our own installations, so you are more than welcome to contact Grünbeck.

With proper maintenance, you can prevent the majority of all defects, malfunctions and faults. Overhauls also ensure that your installation lasts longer. In short: a small investment up front saves a large expense later. It’s as simple as that.

Questions about the suitability of water?

We are happy to help you realise the right water treatment with one of our high-quality installations. You can reach us at +31 541 820 903 or via our email address Our experts will be happy to make time for you to answer your questions and advise you.

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