The team of Grünbeck

Always helpful and collegial. An enormous drive to make projects succeed. With inspiring initiatives and sustainable ideas. Committed and reliable. With years of experience in the water treatment industry. Those are our people. Meet our team, the team of Grünbeck Netherlands.

Nick Liebrand


The captain of the ship. Fanatic in entrepreneurship for 10 years. Nick doesn’t shy away from a challenge. 

Wendy Bruinsma

Office Manager

This all-rounder arranges everything related to the processing of orders, HR matters and other activities.

Mart Bossink

Financial Controller

Mart has everything under control. He mainly deals with administration and finances.

Sven Maseland

Junior Marketeer

Started as an intern. Now Sven focuses on the online channels and other marketing activities.

Irmo de Zeeuw

Sales Engineer

An experienced and skilled sales engineer who is concerned with solving customer issues.

Gerard Annink

Service Manager

Better known as Mister Service. Gerard is involved in all matters related to service.

Ingrid Davina

Marketing Manager

Ingrid’s days are filled with everything related to marketing. You can’t think of it that crazy.

Bas Burks

Sales Engineer

This driven and pleasant man is especially busy building and maintaining customer relationships.

Dennis Potgens

Service Planner

Within Grünbeck, this friendly planner is responsible for planning and stock management.

Gijsbert Peters

Manager Chemical Watertreatment

This chemist is an expert in the chemical water treatment of boilers and cooling towers.

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