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Every watercourse begins with a small spring that gradually grows into a wide river. The story of Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung begins in a similar way. A small company selling water treatment products became a large production and research company. In our company, a total of 660 people give their best every day, and together they generate some €115 million. But throughout the years, the basic values have always remained the same: responsibility for future generations, and a corporate culture in which constructive collaboration plays an essential role. Get to know the most important milestones in our company’s history.

De eerste waterbehandelingsinstallatie van Grünbeck

Two people, one goal: clean water

We love water. And we protect it through our efforts and our products. This was the case in 1949, when Josef Grünbeck founded the company, “Wasserchemie und Apparatebau”. In the early years, the company traded in water treatment products without manufacturing them itself. Involvement at eye level was characteristic for Grünbeck, even in the early days of the company. A cooperative relationship was maintained with employees, communication was transparent, and great importance was attached to a corporate culture characterised by mutual respect.

Twee personen die Grünbeck opgericht hebben

Building a home to further progress the business

In 1967, Josef Grünbeck built the new administration and production building of his company in Höchstädt an der Donau. Grünbeck intensified the development and manufacture of its own water treatment products, and has been operating as Grünbeck Wasseraufnahm GmbH since 1980. At the same time, there are sales companies in various European countries.

In 2009, the Grünbeck development project, “Decentralised water supply for Brazil” was recognised as a “Lighthouse project 2009”. One year later, the company expanded further in Europe with the founding of Grünbeck Italia Srl and Dutch Grünbeck Waterbehandeling B.V. In 2010, the Loni and Josef Grünbeck Foundation was established, which ensures the long-term independence of the Höchstädter company.

In 2013, Grünbeck opened the “Grünbeck Forum”. The four-storey new building will be a place that sets the standard in education for everything related to water and water treatment. Grünbeck continues to grow: In August 2013, the number of employees in Höchstädt exceeded the 500 mark for the first time. At that time, Grünbeck could be found at 25 locations in Germany and the rest of the world, with a further 250 employees in all major markets.

Top 50 in Germany

The German spirit of development is famous: Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH is doing its bit. In April 2014, the Höchstädter company was selected by the “Wirtschaftswoche” trade magazine to be one of the 50 most innovative medium-sized companies out of a total of 3,000 companies in Germany. Grünbeck is the only representative from the water treatment industry to be ranked 43rd in the Wirtschaftswoche rankings. Grünbeck thus underlines the importance of innovation work in the company, and not just in terms of products and a future-oriented, sustainable business strategy. This includes production as well as social issues, such as the employee participation model.

Strong brand profile, new digital presence

Grünbeck took advantage of opportunities in the digital world early on. As a company, we had our first website on the internet in 1998. Grünbeck apps have been providing partners and customers with numerous planning and product information for years. The most recent digital upgrade came in November 2021. At the same time as sharpening our brand awareness in the Netherlands, our website will be relaunched. At www.gruenbeck.de, we will showcase the competencies of our employees and products, our dedication to the good life of “water”, our educational institution, our technologies, and our 70-year corporate history in an even more visually appealing and comprehensive way.

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The design of new products is becoming ever more established

As part of the definition of the new corporate identity, products in building services technology were given a new design. In 2015, softliQ softening systems were the first to establish themselves on the market. The pureliQ filter series followed in 2017. This matched the softening systems in visual terms. After further product introductions, the exaliQ dosing systems were optimised and included in the Grünbeck portfolio at the beginning of 2019.

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