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VieCuri Medical Centre is a general hospital with STZ status. Divided over two locations (Venlo and Venray) and a number of diagnostic branches in the region, it offers high-quality care in all areas. With 480 beds, ICU, CCU/EHH, OR complex, the VieCuri belongs to the (medium) large hospitals in the Netherlands.

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With 480 beds, ICU, CCU/EHH, SEH and OR complex, VieCuri is one of the (medium) large hospitals in the Netherlands. Due to its central location, the Viecuri plays an important role as an emergency centre. 

Waterbehandelingsinstallatie bij een klant van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling voor ontharding

The Central Sterilisation Department and the Clinical Chemical and Haematological Laboratory are an essential part of the overall operation of the entire hospital. It is therefore crucial that the departments always have access to demi-water of sufficient quality and quantity. It was therefore important that the supplier could deliver installations with a high degree of reliability. The entire system also had to be redundant.

Ultrapuur water installatie door middel van EDI en omgekeerde osmose met drukverhogers
Leidingwerk met fijnfilters voor een waterbehandelingsinstallatie van Grünbeck
Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water

Scope of the project

To replace the existing central demi-water treatment plant, the VieCuri Medical Centre wanted to purchase an entirely new demi-water treatment plant. The assignment was from design, production, delivery through to implementation and approved commissioning. This new centrally installed plant had to be connected to the existing drinking water network. In addition, the process water had to be connected to a new distribution bar from which the departments were supplied with demineralised water: the departments had to be supplied with demineralised water of the right quality and quantity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruptions.

Scope of the delivery

  • 2 x delta-p 1 ¼ softener plants, 5 m³/h each;
  • 2 x GENO-OSMO-X 3000 reverse osmosis plants, 3 m³/h each
  • 2 x GENO-EDI-X 1100 EDI installations, each 1.1 m3/h;
  • Various storage tanks;
  • 5 double pump sets.

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Process engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing, new system installation and electrical installation, commissioning, process integration.

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