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Every day, Royal Friesland Campina provides millions of consumers around the world with dairy products that contain valuable nutrients derived from milk. Providing the growing world population with the right nutrients is the challenge for the coming decades. Friesland Campina is one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives. We have more than 18,900 member farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and over 140 years of experience of co-operative entrepreneurship. Member dairy farmers of Friesland Campina are members of the Zuivelcoöperatie Friesland Campina. This cooperative is the sole owner of the company. Through the cooperative, our member dairy farmers are therefore joint owners and supervisors of the company.

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Friesland Campina’s long and successful history began in 1871. Success that stems directly from a corporate culture characterised by cooperation, commitment and decisiveness. Friesland Campina is an international company. The company is not only active in Europe, but is also firmly rooted in society in many countries outside Europe.

Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water
Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water
Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water

Scope of the project

Grünbeck has been entrusted with the delivery and installation of two 18m3/hour RO plants in a 40ft container. These plants are intended to provide a higher quality of water, so that FrieslandCampina can fulfil their focus on improving their products. By using high quality RO plants, Grünbeck can meet these requirements, which is why FrieslandCampina has chosen Grünbeck as their partner. As Grünbeck can also place their products in a container, this has great advantages for the customer in terms of flexibility.

Scope of the delivery

  • 2 GENO-RKF RO installations, each 32m3/h;
  • Extension of the control system to Siemens S7 for communication with the higher-level system FRC;
  • 2 anti-scalant dosing installations.

Grünbeck's services

Delivery, placing new system in container, installation and electrical installation, commissioning.

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