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At Frames, we provide the vital link between well and pipeline. Together, we design, build and deliver sustainable energy and water solutions, separation technologies, oil and gas processing equipment and power control and protection systems for the international energy market. Our people work directly, one on one, with each customer for the best result. Sharply. Together. Dedicated. Headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, Frames has more than 200 employees in offices worldwide.


Our extensive range of gas treatment products allows us to offer the very best solutions to the challenges you face. For example, our complete portfolio of dehydration products allows us to select the best solution for your needs, taking into account all variables. We work with manufacturers around the world to provide customised products that are close to our customers.

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We have the know-how to optimise the process packages our customers need and have experience with a wide range of materials. Each product and solution demonstrates our commitment to quality, planning, document management and supply chain management.

Waterbehandelingsinstallatie met een waterbuffertank voor de opslag van behandeld water
Ultra violet desinfectie van water voor het verwijderen van schadelijke stoffen
Waterbehandelingsinstallatie met een waterbuffertank voor de opslag van behandeld water

Scope of the project

Grünbeck has been commissioned to supply and install a demi-water treatment plant for flushing process tubing at Frames. The plant has a final output of 400 litres/hour of ultra-pure water. To solve this demand, Grünbeck chose a pressurised O.O. tank-mixing bed arrangement. The system has a compact design and therefore only takes up a 3 x 0.8 metre space.

Scope of the delivery

  • 2x GENO-FU-X 2/40-1NE booster stations, each 1-4.4m3/h;
  • 1x AVRO-flex 400 reverse osmosis installation, 0.4m3/h;
  • 1x RT-1000 storage tank with multi level measurement;
  • 2x desaliQ BA 6 mixed bed cartridge installation, each 0.6m3/h.

Grünbeck's services

Manufacturing, installation of new system, electrical installation, commissioning.

Questions about the suitability of water?

We are happy to help you realise the right water treatment with one of our high-quality installations. You can reach us at +31 541 820 903 or via our email address Our experts will be happy to make time for you to answer your questions and advise you.

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