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The prototype catches on, now what? Production! Doeko thinks along with designers & engineers about the smartest solution for the production process. Based on a product drawing, sketch or prototype, we design the tools and associated equipment to manufacture the product.


At Doeko, almost everyone is a perfectionist and most of them are a bit of a professional idiot. This explains why we enjoy creating assemblies that are characterised by a combination of accuracy and complexity. Where others stop, we go further. Because we see the challenge in your wish. Everyone on team Doeko thinks about it in order to fulfil it without concessions. This often requires a good dose of perseverance, a touch of stubbornness and a firm belief that it must be possible. 

At Doeko, we have state-of-the-art technology that inspires our team to keep raising the bar.

Omgekeerde osmose installatie voor het produceren van gedemineraliseerd water

Scope of the delivery

Doeko uses lubricants in the process and encountered problems with them, they asked Grünbeck for a solution. Lubricants in the fine-mechanical industry are diluted with drinking water. Untreated city and tap water still contains salts which can cause problems in high-precision production, preventing the highest possible quality from being achieved. Rinsing with unpurified city or tap water also leads to staining on products. Besides an improvement in quality, the purification of tap water can also lead to savings. Think, for example, of the longer service life of cooling emulsions used in machining processes or of the lower consumption of soap because the hardness has been completely removed. Reverse osmosis (RO) is the way to completely purify water and remove all salts. Grünbeck has solved this problem with an AVRO-flex 400 system, which thanks to their own patented AVRO system requires no pretreatment such as softener or anti-scalant.

Omgekeerde osmose installatie voor het produceren van gedemineraliseerd water

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x AVRO-flex-400 reverse osmosis plant, 0.4m3/h

Grünbeck's services

Process engineering, manufacturing, installation of new system, electrical installation, commissioning, process integration.

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