Burgers' Zoo

Koninklijke Burgers Zoo is a zoo in Arnhem, the capital of Gelderland. The zoo was originally called Burgers’ Dierenpark and is also known simply as Burgers. Burgers is known for its “ecodisplays”: imitations of the ecosystems in which the animals and plants live in nature.


On 30 March 1913 Faisanterie Buitenlust, the forerunner of today’s modern Burgers’ Zoo, opened its doors to the public for the first time. Since its foundation by Johan Burgers, the first owner and namesake of the Arnhem Zoo, the park has always remained a real family business.

Burgers' Zoo Logo

From its earliest years, the zoo has attracted attention with its daring innovations, naturally designed animal enclosures and the creation of visitor experience. Burgers’ Zoo has a colourful history that has shaped the zoo as you find it today in the wooded area north of Arnhem.

Wateronthardingsinstallatie met een omgekeerde osmose installatie voor ultrapuur water voor een aquarium
Waterbehandelingsinstallatie bij een klant van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling voor ontharding
Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water

Scope of the project

For replacement of the existing installation, Burgers Zoo was looking for a party that could meet their requirements and wishes. The wish was to have an installation that could eventually deliver ≤2.5 μS/cm. For this purpose, an OSMO-X reverse osmosis plant with a 2nd stage OSMO-X permeate reverse osmosis plant was chosen. As pre-treatment a delta-p softener was chosen instead of an anti-scalant system. This provides more certainty on the quality of the water supply to the O.O. Because the 2nd stage O.O. is operated and regulated from the 1st, a compact and complete system was created. Also because there are frequency-controlled pumps in the OSMO-X, the energy consumption decreases enormously.

Scope of the delivery

  • 1x delta-p 1 “softener installation, 3m3/h;
  • 1x GENO-OSMO-X 2200 reverse osmosis plant, 2.2m3/h;
  • 1x GENO-OSMO-X 2000 permeate reverse osmosis plant, 2m3/h 2nd stage;
  • 1x GENO-HR-X 2/40-1N pressure boosting system, 1-4.2 m3/h.

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