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At Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Grünbeck installed a large order ranging from industrial water softening to a water sterile filter. 

Waterbehandelingsinstallatie bij een klant van Grünbeck Waterbehandeling voor ultrapuur water
Waterbehandelingsinstallatie met omgekeerde osmose installatie en een EDI voor ultrapuur water
UV-desinfectie waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor het zuiveren van water

Scope of the project

Grünbeck was entrusted by BAM to supply a demineralised water plant at the Campus in Venlo and Geleen. The starting point was to build and supply an ultrapure water installation which had to have a conductivity of <0.2μS/cm. Therefore, Grünbeck chose to design and build an identical plant with a softening-RO-EDI setup for both locations, which could deliver the required quality.

Scope of the delivery

  • 1 unit Delta-P-i 1.5″ softener installation, 5m3/h;
  • 1 unit GENO-softwatch, hardness monitor;
  • 1 unit GENO-OSMO-X 3000 RO plant, 3 m3/h;
  • 1 unit GENO-EDI-X 2700, 2.7 m3/h;
  • 1 unit K-X 2000 tank, with bacteriological filter and CO2 lock, gross volume 2 m3;
  • 1 unit GENO-FU-X 4/40-2NE pressurisation, 2.0-8.5 m3/h@ 6.6-2.9bar;
  • 1 unit GENO-UV 120i UV system, 8.0 m3/h;
  • 1 piece water star filter W6000 MV, 0,2mu, 6,0 m3/h.

Grünbeck's services

Design, delivery, installation of new system, mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning.

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