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When it comes to liquid chemicals, every drop matters. The right mix can make the difference between a good product and a top product. Bleko Chemie has been developing, manufacturing and supplying chemical liquids since 1934. With a small team we deliver big performance; our strength lies in our quality and innovative products and a flexible and reliable service. We offer a large assortment of chemical products, both under our own brands and for private label.

Bleko Chemie from Enschede needed the right water quality for the production of various chemical products. For this, they chose the softeners, reverse osmosis installations and pressure boosting installations of Grünbeck.

Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water
Geïnstalleerde waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor gedemineraliseerd water
Waterbehandelingsinstallatie voor het zuiveren van water voor de productie van chemische producten

Scope of the project

For the production of various chemical products, Bleko needed a water quality of ≤10 μS/cm and partly of ≤5 μS/cm, and therefore opted for a 2-stage reverse osmosis installation. This allows them to take away the lesser quality water behind the 1st RO and the better quality water behind the 2nd RO. The GENO-OSMO-X installations with the connected OSMO-X permeate from Grünbeck has the advantage that the permeate RO is controlled by the control unit of the 1st RO. Bleko also opted for a softening system for the O.O. instead of an anti-scalant dosage. This way they know for sure that the feed water to the O.O. is always of the right quality.

Scope of the delivery

  • 1x delta-p 1 ¼ ” softener installation, 5 m3/h;
  • 1x GENO-OSMO-X 3300 reverse osmosis plant, 3.3 m3/h;
  • 1x GENO-OSMO-X 3000 permeate reverse osmosis plant,
    3 m3/h 2nd stage;
    1x GENO-HR-X 2/40-1N
  • pressure boosting system, 1-4.2 m3/h.

Grünbeck's services

Process engineering, manufacturing, installation of new system, electrical installation, commissioning, process integration.

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