Benefits of water treatment

Why water treatment?

Water treatment is vital to prevent corrosion and scale build-up in pipes, boilers and cooling towers. Corrosion and build-up lead to reduced water flow and leaks. This increases water and energy consumption, and can lead to malfunctions and even a breakdown of the entire production process. That is why a good water treatment installation is essential.

A good water treatment installation prevents these problems by ensuring that the water maintains the correct quality.

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Water treatment is used in almost all industries. Water is used for cooling water, boiler water (replenishment) and/or process water. The right water quality is important in this respect in order to prevent failures and downtime. Poor quality can also have serious consequences for your system, causing not only your maintenance costs, but also your energy costs to rise sharply. Good water treatment is therefore essential and sustainable!

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Advantages of water treatment

Besides reducing corrosion and scale, good water treatment has other advantages. Other advantages of water treatment are:

  • Lower energy and salt consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Saving on operational costs
  • Longer life span of water installations
  • Less water consumption and less waste water


The right water treatment therefore has many advantages. It not only prevents failures but also saves many unnecessary extra costs.

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