Grünbeck: pioneers in water treatment

At Grünbeck, we specialise in water treatment. Looking at what’s possible in terms of water treatment. We have plenty of in-house knowledge. Along with creativity and innovative strength. As well as enormous drive to get the best out of it for you in terms of efficiency, sustainability and reliability. With our extensive knowledge, we make water usable for a variety purposes.

Specialist in customised work

Our base is in Germany, where our parent company is located. Since 2013, we have been providing our services to the Dutch market as a subsidiary of the German market leader Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH from our base in Oldenzaal. The Grünbeck water treatment installations are engineered and tested in Germany with well-known German Engineering. Our strength lies in the technical fine-tuning of the system so that it fits your process or needs seamlessly. It is not only important for us to get it right, but to get it really right. We listen, ask questions, and make an extra visit if necessary. Because it has to be right. It’s not without reason that we only have long-term customer relationships.

Waterontijzeringsinstallatie voor het ontijzeren van grondwater met monteur

German quality, Dutch thinking!

Our motto is: “German quality, Dutch thinking”. Due to our German roots, we combine our knowledge and motivation in the battle with water with German work ethic and quality. This unique combination makes us the best partner in water softening, deferrisation and desalination. We are also specialists in ultrapure water and hydrogen.



For each other

The desire for good contact with each other is in our blood. Grünbeck is a foundation and the human touch is paramount. Being a foundation also means that Grünbeck will always remain Grünbeck, because we cannot be sold. So if your installation needs attention again in 10 or 20 years, we will still be there.

So …

Do you want a high-quality water treatment installation with a long life and high uptime, a solution that fits your needs 100% and 24/7 service without any hassle but with a friendly sound? It is possible. We even maintain installations from other suppliers that we did not build. Because at Grünbeck, convenience, quality and continuity come first.

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